What should I expect?


At Alex City First United Methodist Church we think that church is a place you should be able to come as you are. We’re open and inviting because that’s what Christ taught us. We don’t judge and we don’t expect you to “know” how to do church. We hope that you’ll come give us a chance to be a part of your spiritual journey.

What is a typical Sunday schedule?


We look at Sundays as a combination of giving thanks and learning. What’s that mean? At Alex City FUMC we think that our services are for you to worship God, but you learn about his word in your life in our small groups. Our Sundays are set up for you to attend worship as well as a small group study with other people just like you trying to find God’s plan for their life.


We offer a Traditional Service plus a more Contemporary Service every Sunday. Our Small Groups (Sunday School) are before the Traditional Service or after the Contemporary service. Check out the service times at the bottom of the page for times. We strongly believe that both of these components (Service and Groups) are vital to your growth.

What about my kids?


We offer FirstKidz Children’s Church at 9am (preschool – 6th grade) and FirstKidz small groups at 10:10am (preschool – 6th grade). Nursery is provided in both the Arbor and main church building each Sunday morning.

Where do I go?


You can use the Map to find our church, but when you arrive, the Traditional Services are located in the main church building while the Contemporary Services are held at the Arbor.

What should I wear?


Our Traditional Service is just that – traditional. While you’re welcome to come as you are, you’ll probably be more comfortable in traditional church wear (tie, slacks, dress, etc). Our Contemporary Service is much more casual and has a “come as you are” mind set. We’re more interested in having you come worship God with us than what you’re wearing.

What if I've done bad things, or I'm not perfect?


You’ll fit right in with the rest of us then. The most important thing we want you to know about First United Methodist is that we’re a group of imperfect and broken people trying to find Christ together. We aren’t worried about what you’ve done, but instead about where you’re going.

What if I'm not even Christian?


We hope that if you’re not committed to Christ that you’d allow us the privilege of showing you how we worship our Lord. All of us started where you are right now, and some of us are still there. The point isn’t about where you are in your faith journey, but that you’re on a journey, and we’d like to be a part of that journey.



Green Street Campus - 10:10 am

Trinity Campus - 9:00 am (Easter Sunrise Service at 6:30 am)

Arbor Campus - 9:00 am

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