The Starting Point to Revive or Begin Your Journey

The “good” reasons are endless for not checking out “A Disciple’s Path”. You don’t have the time. you don’t know enough. You’re already a disciple. You’ve got to clean up your act first. Your friends wouldn’t approve. You can’t relate to other church people. you already know this stuff. You’re too old.


Regardless of your relationship with God, you need this and will benefit from it – both in this life and in the next. “Disciple’s Path” has been designed to be a personal and private exercise that you can explore at your own pace. Your church is here if you need a little help or encouragement, so accept Jesus’ invitation to discover the path and purpose for your life. The rewards of His treasure begin here in this life and continue for eternity.


If you are ready to go deeper in your relationship with God, contact Tammy Wendling at 256-234-6322 or email, twendling@alexcityfumc.org.



Green Street Campus - 10:10 am

Trinity Campus - 9:00 am (Easter Sunrise Service at 6:30 am)

Arbor Campus - 9:00 am

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First United Methodist Church Alexander City

310 Green Street

Alexander City, AL 35010

(256) 234-6322

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Alex City F.U.M.C.

310 Green Street

Alexander City, AL 35010

(256) 234-6322